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Ultimate Boot Camp Games Package

20 MORE Boot Camp Games Manual – $37 Value

This manual is a direct “add-on” to the 31 TT Boot Camp Games Manual. That means with this manual you will have a total of 51 Games to use in your boot camp.

These games are guaranteed to:

  • Stimulate Loyalty to your Boot Camp
  • Add Variety into your class format
  • Differentiate your boot camp from others down the street
  • Increase client referrals
  • How to get FREE press/publicity
  • Keep people coming back and wanting MORE.

This manual of Games will make it look like you spend all day developing games to do with your members. In reality everything is done for you! All you have to do is plug these games in at the end of your class and watch everyone run around like little kids at recess! WIN-WIN!

20 MORE Boot Camp Games Videos – $57 Value

If you are like me, then you would rather watch these games and interpret them on your own than read about them in a manual.

Well, if that is the case then I’ve got your poison! Here are the tutorial videos of all 20 of these games.

Xtreme Boot Camp Games Manual – $24 Value


  • 15 MORE Done-For-You Games
  • Outlines each game from set up to execution and the rules for each activity.
  • Includes images of what the games look like from start to finish.
  • Variation tips to make certain games even more advanced.

Xtreme Boot Camp Games Tutorial Videos – $47 Value


  • Demonstrates how each game is played form start to finish
  • Compliments the manual descriptions.
  • Offers variations to what is in the manual.
  • Discover how the teammates interact with each other during these games.

Boot Camp Game Day Report – $47 Value

In this report you will learn how to run a “Game Day” event that will generate referrals and double your membership in 60 minutes!

With this report you will discover:

  • How to format the event so everything runs smoothly
  • The proper tools to get clients to bring in referrals
  • How to set up the referral contest for this event
  • Done-for-you marketing graphics to promote the event
  • Done-for-you email campaign to send to your lists
  • How to earn FREE publicity
  • How to convert referrals and leads into paying clients
  • How to get cool prizes to give out that cost you NOTHING

This is literally a COMPLETE DONE-FOR-YOU Marketing system! This report will make your boot camp look like the “happening” boot camp that is always doing something cool. Talk about standing out from your competition!

Boot Camp Obstacle Course Report- $37 Value


  • 11 Done-For-You Obstacle Course Designs
  • Video Tutorials Included with manual
  • Can be used for indoor boot camps
  • Discover how to format your own races
  • Learn how to make each obstacle course into a friendly competition
  • The ultimate mix of games and fitness

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