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Finally, You Can Charge More and Your Clients Will Be Happy to Pay You More By Incorporating These High-Value Done-For-You Systems Into Your Existing Boot Camp Program to Dominate Your Market and Be the Go-to Fitness Solution of Your Town

Trump other local boot camps by offering what other boot camps are afraid to because of limited resources they don’t have… Until now

Integrate this plug and play system and by the time you have used these programs for a full 30-days you’ll add an extra 15-20 clients to your boot camp, just from increasing the amazing value of your program.

Complete Boot Camp Nutrition System

Component #1 – Nutrition Class Program Image to the left

This Manual will go in detail and explain how to start up an add-on nutrition program into your existing boot camp without costing you a penny. This is a great way to increase the value of your boot camp sessions so you can charge more and get it.

Inside discover:

6 months of nutrition class topics – Proper format of the nutrition classes – How many sessions you should offer your members – How to use this program to create value to your current and future members – The tools used to get proper involvement and support from your members so that they never miss a nutrition class again.

Component #2 – Printable Client Meal Cards image to the left

This Done-for-you tool is a great addition to your nutrition program. There are 24 meal cards total that have tasty recipes that you can print off and give to your clients monthly.

This is a great bonus to your clients that costs you a few black and white printed pieces of paper and will keep them eating healthy and happy year round.

Here is a sneak peak of just a handful of these delicious recipes you will be giving your clients:

Healthy Pizza Casserole – Easy Baked Meatballs – Healthy Onion Rings – Turkey Kebabs – Healthy Doughnuts – & WAY MORE

Component #3 – Client Success Journals Image to the left

This is a great bonus component we include with our boot camp memberships at my six-figure facility here in Michigan to build client loyalty for years to come.

Inside you will find:

Measurement sheets – Meal logging worksheets – Exercise logs – Nutritional Guidelines – Grocery Shopping Lists – & MORE

Instantly watch the value of your boot camp jump up another $50. I have literally had people walk into my boot camp and just want to purchase one of these journals by themselves for $27 and you will, too.

This is another great bonus to your boot camp members and will make you look much cooler than other local competitors who don’t care about their clients’ results.

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