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An open letter from Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT and Creator of TT Boot Camp Games

Dear Fellow Boot Camp Owner,

When I started my group sessions, I was renting a 12 foot by 12 foot area from a local “big box” gym. Every day I had to show up to the gym 30 minutes before my first session and to move 10 spin bikes off of the floor just so we could train.

I did everything in my power to market my program and spread awareness so that I could fill my small floor space and find a better facility to train in.

It just seemed like no matter what I tried to do, my client numbers weren’t moving up, and I was actually starting to lose people. People were getting bored with the format of my boot camp workouts and finding other ways to get variety in their training.

I was desperate and needed to find a way to get that “spark” back into my boot camp sessions to prevent people from getting bored. Plus with new boot camps opening up all around me, I knew I needed a competitive advantage that no one else had.

My name is Brian Kalakay, and I was tired of spending endless hours working on my boot camp programs and not making it back. To solve this problem, I set a goal of opening my own boot camp facility in 8 months. Three months later, my new facility had over 100 new boot camp members. I’ll explain how I did it in a moment…

You’re probably wondering what the heck Boot Camp Games are and how they can increase your member retention rates, results, and loyalty AND how they generate a constant source of referrals.

I know it sounds like a weird combination, but here me out. As we both know, it is way more affordable to retain clients and get referrals then it is to try and get new ones off of the street with expensive marketing tactics.

To be exact, the cost of getting new clients is SEVEN TIMES MORE than the cost of retaining your current clients and getting referrals from them.

You just can’t do both…

You’d have to keep your current clients MOTIVATED to come back to your workouts, and get NEW clients in the process and continue to create a FUN training atmosphere every day.

That’s a LOT of extra work hours, not to mention a LOT of extra pressure – especially when client memberships keep dropping due to boredom. It happens…

But I soon realized that I wasn’t alone in this. Other trainers were having similar client retention and client results problems like I was having. So I set out to fix the problem in my boot camps – and by doing so, I figured out how to help you out, too.

So what if I had a SOLUTION that would FIX all of those problems with the “click” of a button AND what if it was as easy as playing games with your friends?

Introducing TT Boot Camp Games 2.0!

So What Are Boot Camp Games Anyway?

Boot Camp Games are a combination of recess style games and my knowledge of fat torching Turbulence Training fitness drills. These games are designed to inflict “turbulence” on the body, which causes a fat burning, muscle-toning response like nothing else.

Not only are these games fun and exciting, they also can be used as an very effective form of exercise. These games didn’t start off as being “boot camp friendly” though. They actually weren’t boot camp games at all at one point…
One night (Really Late) I was looking around my basement for some cones to do line drills with in my boot camp the next day. I ended up finding a box of my old karate notebooks (8 years’ worth). One of these notebooks was loaded with drills and games we used to play with our karate students.

I remembered how fun AND challenging these games were. So right then, I had a crazy idea… What if I took the martial arts aspect out of some of the games and added fitness elements instead?


I had a new, killer program to implement with my clients that would break boot camp boredom and keep them coming back for more.

And when I tested it out with my clients… they LOVED them!

Since the implementation of these games in my boot camp classes, my membership numbers have quadrupled from the time I opened my doors.

My clients are actually starting to hang out outside of class, my Facebook wall is buzzing with member comments all the time, and my retention rates are unreal.

Most fitness center owners around me complain about losing clients during summer months and down times, but I have to be “that guy” and tell them that I really don’t have that problem anymore.

What’s my secret for retention? GAMES! It keeps everyone excited and motivated, and instills a sense of loyalty and community that people cannot find anywhere else.

Here’s how I came up with these 31 done-for-you games that you can easily print out and use…

I am a TT Certified Instructor, and what I did with these games was I took my knowledge of cutting-edge TT fitness programs and combined it with my passion for group games to create a killer new program that would revolutionize the format of boot camp classes.

These Addicting Boot Camp Games are the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for Life-Long Clients, and here is why…

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games

Inside you will discover 31 Brand NEW done-for-you boot camp games that have never been released until now, including, team building games, small group competitions and partner playoffs… Not to mention all the ideas you will get from making your own versions of these games.

The truth is, with so many games and activities to choose from, you’ll easily keep your boot camp classes filled with people, diverse, and exciting for quite some time.

Check out just a handful of the games you can instantly use to keep your members engaged and hyped-up about your boot camp…

What makes Boot Camp Games so special?

One simple answer…



Using these games at the end of class will boost the sense of community within your boot camp. Remember, they can get a workout anywhere, but people want to work out with their friends. These games are designed to encourage social interaction and teamwork. Because of this, everyone will be growing closer as a “fitness family” on a daily basis. When this sense of belonging occurs, they become loyal to your boot camp. This means they have a higher chance of staying and referring people to your facility.


Let’s face it, we all get bored and burned out from the same routine eventually. Implementing these games at the end of a workout can help break up the monotony of a boot camp class. Even if you change your workouts every day, which I’m sure you do, there is still a chance that they will feel “burned out”. These games offer a “vacation” from the workout. We know they are still exercising, but in their minds, they are playing with their friends. More variety you incorporate into your boot camp, the better the chance of clients returning on a reoccurring basis.


What sets you apart from the person down the street who has a boot camp? How about the way people feel when they leave class. Do they feel over-worked and thoroughly exhausted like every other boot camp in the area? Or are they rejuvenated and energized? Obviously, you want the latter.

These games will help you stand apart from your competition. We have taken many old school recess style games and formatted them so that there is some form of fitness involved with them. They are still working out, but they are smiling and laughing in the process. That is definitely a “win-win” in my book!

By combining all three of these client-getting elements into all of these games, you’ll never have to learn how to retain customers EVER again. Creating more time and freedom that you deserve AND helping MORE people.

Forget about spending your evenings in front of a computer trying to come up with new things to do in your boot camp classes so that clients will keep showing up to class. The time spent thinking of that stuff could be used playing with your kids, finding other ways to be successful, or just unwinding after a long day of work.

With this solution everything is DONE-FOR-YOU!


“Brian brings so much energy to the boot camp industry, and you can see that passion with TT Boot Camp Games. Using these games with your boot camps is like a client attraction and referral magnet. This program will separate you from the boot camp down the street and these games are the ‘X’ factor missing from your boot camp business.”

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Workout Finishers

“Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games are an easy way of energizing your boot camps, increase the fun factor of your boot camps and having your clients leave begging for more.”

Rick Kaselj, MS

Personal Trainer Specializing in Injuries and Exercises

“Outstanding! It’s so simple and yet it was something we never thought of. At a time where customer appreciation, loyalty and culture are serious game changers TT Boot Camp Games is a critical component to the rapid growth of your fitness training business. If you don’t instantly feel the same, you will once you see the delightful responses of participants after the very first time you play!”

Cabel McElderry

Seven Figure Studio Owner

“I just unpacked the TT Boot Camp Games Manual and have been using it for one week. First off, I can see how using these games increases retention and referrals. My camp was a buzz after playing the ‘Commando Relay’. I needed to modify the game slightly for my group, but I got the idea and plenty more from the TT Boot Camp Games Manual.

Games sort of get forgotten as adults and this program helps bring out the kid in all of us. These games are fun and fast paced and clients don’t even know how hard they’re working when they get caught up in the spirit of play. Thanks Brian and the TT team for such a great resource that I can use to spice up my bootcamp.”

Shawna Kaminski

Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp

“Not sure where to begin but this bootcamp product is over the top! It is awesome!

I haven’t seen a more complete, new and fresh bootcamp product in a long time.The bootcamp games are a brilliant addition to camps not only for the fun factor but the retention and marketing manuals are also excellent! The bootcamp games and videos while extremely innovate are simple to implement!

This is one awesome tool for bootcamp trainers and will surely differentiate and set apart their bootcamp business.I highly recommend this to all bootcamp trainers.”

Georgette Pann

“I run a medical fitness facility that also has fitness boot camps. I encouraged my trainers to start using this new product to help the trainers try something different and add some new enjoyment to training. After reviewing the product I knew clients would love it but I did not know we would be getting as many new referrals as we have in the past month. Here is one of the e-mails I received from one of my trainers.

I used some of the games in my boot camps. The clients laughed like children and I smiled like a proud parent. I talked about connecting to our inner child and remembering how much fun it was to play. It started a fantastic conversation. I will continue to do the games because of the simple joy it brings to our clients and me.

So I highly recommend you take your clients back to the day where you get all the kids in the block to come out and play. Boot Camp games has got our adults to tell their friends to come play. Thanks Brian for the great product and helping me grow the business while having fun in the process.”

J.R. Burgess MS, CPT, NA

Vice President/CFO – Rejuv Medical

“I Bought Brian’s product and starting using them that day. The clients loved the games and you could see the pure enjoyment on everyone’s faces. Not only did I use them as a game, but I decided to take 6 of the games and use them as the actual workout with some of my more intense clients. With only modifying the time they did games, the clients got a good butt kicking and had the most fun I’ve seen in a long time. This product is a must for all Bootcamp owners!”

Adam Blackwell

“Here at Apex Fitness Camp – Elkins Park we’ve run a successful Boot Camp Program for over two years. Even though our Fitness Camps have a variety of over 30 distinct workout programs including a variety of equipment, coaches, and music, we still lacked ‘icing’ on the cake. TT Boot Camp Games have filled that niche perfectly. The vast variety of games engages our campers in competitive, yet fun exercise that is great for strength, conditioning, and mobility. The members laugh and enjoy themselves, often forgetting it’s still exercise. TT Boot Camp Games have definitely improved our retention, referrals, and member SUCCESS!”

Your Friends at Apex Fitness Camp – Elkins Park

“I just wanted to tell you that the fitness games make the bootcamp alot of fun. Your students don’t feel like they are working out — more like play time that really gets their heart rate up and their bodies moving!! Great way to really interact with each other. Thank you for the ideas.”

Krist Hatch
Personal Trainer/ Bootcamp Instructor

With these “done-for-you” and ready-made games and activities, there’s no more embarrassment over people getting bored with your classes. PLUS they’re Turbulence Training Approved!

Our “client approved” games will keep you looking like a “boot camp idol” to your members, but without the hard work.

How Much is it?

If you were to sit down and write up all these Boot Camp Games you’d probably spend nearly 40 hours of your valuable time. And I’m guessing your time is easily worth $50 or more per hour, right? That means it would cost you over $200 just to create your own Boot Camp Games. And then there’s the testing and tweaking process. That’s another 20 hours easy.

When it’s all said and done this would cost you over $300 to do it yourself. But I’ve gone through and did the tough work for you. Best of it’s all built on sound exercise programming.

But you won’t pay anywhere near $300 for the TT Boot Camp Games Program… Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games is available to you though this special promotional offer for only $47!

That’s a really good deal!

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Let my client tested, done-for-you boot camp games do the work for you so you can go back to doing what you love most without worrying about losing clients to the boot camp down the road.

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games 2.0 Exclusive Bonuses

I am a believer in over delivering, so I cannot just give you a manual and think that is “good enough.” When you invest in TT Boot Camp Games 2.0 now I’ll give you 5 bonuses worth $245.

BONUS #1 – 31 Boot Camp Games 2.0 Videos

If you are like me, sometimes you would rather watch a video than read about it. If you are like that, then you are in for a treat.

I am including 31 video tutorials on how to play each of the games. This way you get to see how we play the games and also get ideas on how to change the games to make them yours.

BONUS #2 – 11 Stability Ball Games Videos

We all have those huge Stability Balls just sitting around the gym or the boot camp. Well you might as well put them to use using these unique and addictive stability ball games. These games encourage teamwork, help end your session on a high note and will add variety to your boot camp sessions.

Here are a few of the games in this Bonus:

– Pass Over Roll Under
– Squat potato
– Line Dodge
– Cooks in the Kitchen
– Bear Guard

BONUS #3 – Boot Camp Holiday Games

Inside this Report is another 12 games that have a holiday theme to them. Each game has a holiday theme to it. This way when you are getting close to a holiday, you can end your boot camp sessions with a “seasonal” boot camp game that looks and feels totally different. This is a great way to help bring holiday spirit into your sessions while still getting a workout.

Here are just a few of the games in this Report:
– Tombstone Hop – Halloween
– Secret Santa – Christmas
– Last Leprechaun Standing – St. Patrick’s Day
– Turkey Hockey – Thanksgiving
– Box Up Workouts – Boxing Day

BONUS #4 – Boot Camp Events

If you are looking for events you can hold in your boot camp that will generate a social buzz unlike any other and encourage loyalty, than this is a MUST HAVE Report.

Inside you will discover 21 events that your boot camp can host. This means you will have enough information from this report to host an event per month for an entire year.

Why host events? They help bring your campers together and will build a sense of community and culture inside of your boot camp. This means you won’t have to worry about members leaving because you will have this unspoken “X-Factor” that everyone will be raving about.

These events are guaranteed to make your competition green with envy when they see their members showing up to your events because they are so addicting and fun.

BONUS #5 – Boot Camp Theme Days

Trying to spice up your boot camp workouts? Want to do something that will bring out the fun side of all of your campers? Then, you need to use theme days!

In this report you will discover 24 Boot Camp Theme Day Ideas (two a month), instructions on what each theme day entails, how to promote the theme day and get the word out, and how to market using theme days to separate your boot camp from other local competitors

You’re Guaranteed to LOVE TT Boot Camp Games 2.0 Or You Get Your Money Back.

That’s right. This program is backed by my 60 Day “Happy Client” Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my boot camp games, contact me within 60 days and I will give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you will be blown away by these games and what they will do to your boot camp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Done-For-You Boot Camp Games for?

A: These innovative Boot Camp Games are designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, and were made for someone who wants to over deliver service to their clients and gain new members in the process.

In the past year, over 30 games have been used in my packed boot camp classes to add fun, variety and more loyalty to my program.

So if you want the games created for you, showing you every activity and every step to help your clients truly enjoy their training experience, then you’ll love getting 31 of these Turbulence Training approved games.

And now the BIG QUESTION on everyone’s mind…

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A: You have my 60-day, 100% money back guarantee that you will love the TT Boot Camp Games or you can simply let me know and I’ll refund every single penny of your order.

There is absolutely no risk to you because I know that your campers will love these games once you give them a try. They’re fun, exciting, and rejuvenating!

Q: Where can I buy the TT Boot Camp Games?

A: It is ONLY available here on this website.

Q: Is the TT Boot Camp Games package sent in the mail?

A: No. Instead, you get instant and immediate access to over 31 Boot Camp Games with just the simple “click of a button.” You’ll be able to print out the games or view them on your tablet. They are ready and available to use within minutes.

Q: What equipment do you need?

A: Variety is the key to keeping your clients coming back day after day. And because of this, these Boot Camp Games include activities using tennis balls, balloons, medicine balls, stability balls, hula-hoops, cones, and body weight.

Q: Do you show every game and set-ups for each in the manuals?

A: Yes, absolutely. Each game comes with photos and a description.
TT Games 2.0 Group Shot Image

With the complete done-for-you TT Boot Camp Games 2.0, your games are designed for you to plug-and-play so that you can spend your time enjoying the life you want to live, instead of scurrying around trying to find new stuff to do so your clients don’t leave you for your competitors.

Looking forward to your success,

Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT
Creator, TT Boot Camp Games

P.S. – Boot Camps are exploding into the fitness world and popping up on every corner. What is going to make your boot camp better than the others? Let’s put something in your boot camp that will make people talk about how awesome your boot camp is compared to the others. Use this Done-for-You system giving you more freedom while being the Boot Camp talk of the town, with customers banging on your door, begging to be a part of your community! Click here to get your copy now.

P.P.S. – There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try the Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games. Your camper satisfaction is guaranteed by my 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the program, just let me know within 60-days and you’ll be refunded your entire investment.