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You have your Boot Camp games for retention and referrals, but how about games that do that PLUS help your clients lose weight faster…

Xtreme Boot Camp Games is a collection of advanced fitness games that will push your clients a little further at the end of a class. These were designed for the intermediate/advanced clients and may be a little hard for some beginners. However, the level of difficulty will only drive your members to a higher level of fitness.

Burn Fat and play at the same time!

Xtreme Boot Camp Games for Faster Fat Loss Includes:

Xtreme Boot Camp Games Manual – $24 Value

  • 15 MORE Done-For-You Games
  • Outlines each game from set up to execution and the rules for each activity.
  • Includes images of what the games look like from start to finish.
  • Variation tips to make certain games even more advanced.

Xtreme Boot Camp Games Tutorial Videos – $47 Value

  • Demonstrates how each game is played form start to finish
  • Compliments the manual descriptions.
  • Offers variations to what is in the manual.
  • Discover how the teammates interact with each other during these games.

Boot Camp Obstacle Course Report- $37 Value

  • 11 Done-For-You Obstacle Course Designs
  • Video Tutorials Included with manual
  • Can be used for indoor boot camps
  • Discover how to format your own races
  • Learn how to make each obstacle course into a friendly competition
  • The ultimate mix of games and fitness

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